Most people hate traveling, but we’re out to change that. The same comfort, safety, and entertainment you have in your home is also available for your car. Arrive safe and sound without anybody asking “Are we there yet?”




Luxury Features That Fit Your Budget

Car companies now offer entertainment and communication options as upgrades on new cars, but they come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, aftermarket systems are more affordable, have more features, and add value to any vehicle.
We can outfit your ride for a fraction of what the factory options cost, and your equipment will be customized to fit your needs.




Make and take calls using your voice, and stream your music wirelessly, all without touching your phone.



Get directions and traffic updates, and find points of interest anywhere the road takes you.


Satellite Radio

Add SiriusXM and get crystal clear nationwide coverage of music, sports, news, and talk radio.


Streaming Music

Connect your 3G/4G enabled device to stream Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and more.

Integration Options

In-Dash Receivers

Aftermarket head units replace your factory radio and provide the most integration with touch screen control of music, navigation, phone calls, and more.

Factory Interfaces

Some newer vehicles can be easily upgraded by installing a discreet factory radio interface module, although they may lack some features of other units.

Standalone Units

Standalone units offer limited integration options, but are easily installed and provide a less permanent solution that can be used in more than one vehicle.



Backseat Entertainment

Your passengers don’t always share your taste in music, especially if you’re trying to entertain kids on a long trip. Turn your vehicle into a mobile movie theater with either dropdown or headrest mounted LCD screens. Integrated DVD players and auxiliary inputs paired with wireless headphones keep everyone in their own comfort zone.
For more integration and control, add an in-dash receiver with a built-in DVD player and share other sources with the backseat passengers.




Security & Remote Start

Modern security systems are a huge upgrade from factory keyless entry. Remote start lets you warm up or cool down your vehicle before you walk out the door, and if there’s an incident, you’ll be notified from up to a mile away using 2-way communication and the color OLED screen on your key fob.
For even more control, some systems allow you to use your smartphone by connecting your vehicle to the cloud. Get notified of an alarm, or find your vehicle using GPS.



Backup Cameras & Sensors

Backup cameras allow you to avoid obstacles or hitch up a trailer without a spotter. Cameras can be mounted to a license plate or permanently installed, and monitors can be standalone or integrated with your in-dash receiver or rear view mirror. For added safety, proximity sensors can provide an audible warning when you’re getting too close.





Dash Cams

The road is a crazy place. When crazy things happen, you’ll want to record it – sometimes just to show your friends a funny video, sometimes for evidence. These cameras start and stop recording automatically so you never have to touch them.
Be prepared for the unexpected with a high-definition record of whatever the road may throw at you. Literally.



Custom Wiring

We offer more than just installation. We also do custom wiring to make the components in your vehicle work the way you want:
  • Illumination
  • A/C Power Inverters
  • Fuse/Distribution Blocks
  • Switched/Constant Power Outlets
  • Switched Accessory Power
  • Motorized Accessories
  • Timers & Relays
  • Car Audio



Enjoy the trip as much as the destination.

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